Elfin Saddle – Ringing For The Begin Again (Constellation)

Sembrano un romanzo vecchio di Murakami Haruki. Girano un pò tutte le viti del mondo


ATP’09 – Curated by The Breeders (Atp-Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead)

Shellac davanti e dietro tutti quanti (Yann Tiersen, Dianogah, Deerhunter,Th’Faith Healers, Giant Sand, Melt Banana, Wire, Bon Iver e Bronx senza mariachi).

Impossible Hair – What Is The Secret Of Impossible Hair? (Self Released / Dischord Direct)

Area Guided By Voices-Pixies. Perimetro Party Of One. Passa bene.

The Fuzztones – Horny As Hell (Electrique Mudd)

Yes, they can.